Happy PI day!!

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Happy PI day!!

Post by goCards on Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:17 pm

Happy PI day!!
What did you do to celebrate this mathematical wonder day?
what? you did not get around to it...math humor.
march 14 or 3rd month 14th day is barely celebrated as PI day, 3.14
we went to a pizza place, found out had to order the 30 inch pizza the day before, so just two xtra-large ones. (16 inch diameter)
what is the difference in surface area?
then had dessert (two helpings is right spelling..) What circle did we share?
went back to the homestead and watched multiple nerdy shows with much laughter.
then checked out the babw special. free shipping for orders over $31.41 (code PIDAY14)
did not work if using mcD coupon, but I checked.
checked bearville.com, but did not find any pots of gold.
did find some Easter eggs though, not actually circular.
the egg hunt is on. Are you in?
tata 4 now - Tigger
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